Brain Out Level 8 What’s the number under the parked car Walkthrough

Are you ready to give your brain a real challenge? If you feel like your brain is getting a little bit rusted and that you need to train the way you think and how you analyze then you must play the game Brain Out. In this game, you will be entering a very cool adventure. The graphics and features of the game are so pleasant that it almost feels like you are part of a cartoon movie. Once you start playing you will understand that nothing is the way it looks and that there are no rules. In order for you to find the solution of each level, you need to use your imagination, logic and of course your creativity.

Here’s the solution to Level 8 – What’s the number under the parked car:
You don’t have to do any calculations. Just move the car from there and take a look at the number under it. It is 9.

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