Brain Test 2 Answers

This page has all Brain Test 2 Answers, Cheats, and Solutions. The ultimate leader of riddles and brainy games finally is offering Brain Test 2 with new riddles and fun puzzles. Brain Test 2 comes with a new and updated version where amongst the tricky puzzles there will be stories with interesting characters. Each character offers a specific background where the game takes place, for example, you will have to defeat the Lion King with Tom the Cat or try to learn to cultivate a farm alongside Emily or even try to hunt monsters with another character named Joe. You will definitely make some new friends along the way.

As you can see there are many interesting new features that will make this game even more entertaining, challenging, and worth playing. The core of the game remains the same. In each level, you will be given a specific situation where you need to think out of the box and be as practical as you can to figure out the solution. The game offers several helping tools that will guide you in difficult situations. Get ready to start your second journey of testing your brain and improving your skills in puzzle games. There is so much to be done so do not hesitate but go for it.

Brain Test 2 Answers

Brain Test 2 Emily’s Farm Answers (21 Levels):

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Brain Test 2 Monster Hunter Joe Answers (21 Levels):

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Brain Test 2 Agent Smith (20 Levels):

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Brain Test 2 Smith and Joe Answers (20 Levels):

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